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Unique features of the White Dragon Putter

The White Dragon Putter is a unique golf putter with features that its many users world wide are enthusing about. If you're looking for a putter that will improve your accuracy and performance on the golf course you've come to the right place. The White Dragon Putter is a must have item for every serious golfer!

State of the art design for accurate putting

The White Dragon Putter is a -3 degree de-loft state of the art putter designed to help you roll the ball to the hole. The putter face strikes the ball at or above the center line creating a positive forward momentum with top spin. This action will keep the ball rolling smoothly on its intended path.

Another feature of the White Dragon Putter is the use of a  graphite shaft, this light-weight shaft lets the golfer feel the weight of the putter head. This facilitates a smooth pendulum stroke, which is essential for consistent distance control, which is essential to achieve good putting.

For the Ultimate in FeelBalance, ConsistencyConfidence and a  Positive roll of the ball, buy a White Dragon Putter.

Compliant with USGA and R&A  rules of golf

Our White Dragon Putter  is the only USGA and R&A compliant Putter on the market with the revolutionary negative loft putter face, which promotes a positive forward roll.

How the White Dragon Putter achieves a consistent & effective smooth roll of the ball

Consistent successful putting of the ball is achieved because the putter face strikes the ball at or above the center line of the ball, creating top spin. This will keep the ball rolling along its intended path, and will eliminate the ball stopping agonizingly close to the edge of the cup. The extra momentum produced from the top spin will ensure your ball gets all the way to the hole.

The idea for this type of putter came from a teaching lesson published by Nick Faldo , in the British Press. Nick used to practice his putting, lifting his putter off the ground to strike the ball at the center line, to produce top spin. Our design lets the golfer use his usual stroke to achieve the same effect. Nick admitted his technique  was dangerous for the average golfer, the likelihood of topping the ball was greatly increased, and he did not recommend that non professionals should attempt to replicate the stroke. The White Dragon Putter takes all the guess work out of reproducing a consistent and effective smooth forward roll of the ball.

Add Winn Grips to the White Dragon Putter for extra comfort

White Dragon Putters fit mid size Jumbo Winn Grips. You can choose to buy mid size Jumbo Winn Grips in our Golf Shop when you're purchasing your White Dragon Putter. 

These grips are recommended by Butch Harman, and also by Natalie Gulbis

White Dragon Golf  is committed to providing the latest technology customized clubs and super stylish apparel to all golfers.