BMW Championship. Three-Way Tie at the Top. September 04 2014

White Dragon GolfBMW Championship There is a three-way tie at the top of The BMW Championship leaderboard at Cherry Hills Country Club. [caption id="attachment_6650" align="alignnone" width="300"]BMW Championship Rory McIlroy / Getty Images[/caption] Rory McIlroy was one of the trio, but should have been out in front, two late bogey's at Cherry Hills Country Club meant he had to share the lead with Gary Woodland and Jordan Spieth. Obviously Rory was not happy with conceding those two late bogey's, "I’m a little frustrated coming off the course, because I feel like it should have been better than what I finished. But you can see by the scores, it’s pretty tricky out there, so a 67 is a really good start, even though it could have been a bit better.” "The scoring isn't that good out there, not that it's not good, it's just not that low. It's tricky. It's playing a little bit like a U.S. Open. I wouldn't say it's quite as difficult as that, but it's thick rough, especially around the greens, and firm greens. That's what they need to keep the scoring the way it is." "It's tricky. It really is, the altitude, we've had a couple of days to adjust to that. It's fine. But these greens have gotten so much firmer over the last 24 hours. I think that's what is giving the guys just a little trouble out there." Jordan praised his short game for his good score; "Today, I had a good short game. I kind of almost feel like I’m back at a U.S. Amateur or a college event this week." “This is one of the very few events where I may have more experience than a lot of guys. So I’ll take that mental attitude the next few days.” Gary mentioned the firmness of the course; "Probably the firmest golf course we have ever seen, the greens, they're concrete out there. So if we don't get any rain, it can be pretty interesting by the weekend." "I drove the ball well, with the altitude, when I'm hitting it in the fairway, I'm giving myself wedges into holes. I'm able to kind of get in there and be a little more aggressive." "If you're laying back today, the greens are so firm, you're hitting long irons into these holes. The ball's not stopping. So, it's nice to be able to drive the ball in there and get wedges in your hand.” " I'm still trying to win this thing, that's the beauty about the FedExCup. You adjust after next week, so the goal is to move up as far as you can, and be in the top five going into next week, and you control your own destiny.” Phil Mickelson shot an opening round of even par 70, and  is T22 in this tightly packed leaderboard, he also spoke of the hard conditions; “You’re able to hit driver on every single hole if you want,  if you miss it, you have some real problems.” “You just can’t stop it, you can’t hit it high enough or soft enough or get enough spin on it to get the ball to stop unless it’s just straight uphill.”