Wegmans LPGA Championship. Two Teid at the Top. August 15 2014

White Dragon GolfWegmans LPGA Championship There are two ladies tied at the top of the Wegmans LPGA Championship trophy at Monroe Gold Club in New York. [caption id="attachment_6438" align="alignnone" width="620"]WEgmans LPGA Championship Lexi Thompson / Getty Images[/caption] Lexi Thompson and Meena Lee both shot opening rounds of -6 under par 66, to lead the Wyndham LPGA Championship at Monroe Golf Club in New York. Lexi said she was trusting on her length off the tee round this course; “I would definitely say my length is an advantage. Coming into the week I knew this golf course was going to be setup good for me. I get to hit driver on every hole, but you just have to hit it straight in majors because usually they grow the rough up pretty deep and that’s what majors call for.” Just being confident over my irons, and just working on the swing change and staying with it I think has helped me out so much and just trusting it out there." “It’s pretty simple. I mean I just usually take it back a little closed with my club face, so I’m just working on a little bit of more rotation on the way back. But mainly what I’ve always been focusing on is just more controlled swings and not getting too all over the place with my golf swing.” Meena reported that although the greens are soft, they are still pretty fast; "The greens are very soft, but still it's fast, even if it's downhill putt, it's still fast. It's very exciting, and then, well, it's just first day, so I'll do my best tomorrow and weekend." "It's a major tournament this week, so I got more like more relaxed. I like this golf course.  It's in really good shape.  The greens perfect, fairways good.  I mean the other girls really liked this golf course." Tied in third place are; Brittany Lincicome, Lisa McClosky and Jennifer Kirby, all at -5 under par. Lisa said the thought of having to play to a cut line each week has made playing each round an anxiety-filled task; "Just kind of getting used to have a cut every week. I know this is my second year and I should probably be used to it by now, but I feel like that kind of affects the way that I play. It kind of just tenses me up, and I can’t play as free as I would like to. So I think that’s been really, really hard for me.” “I mean once you kind of have like one or two good tournaments, it’s easy to kind of relax and feel more comfortable out there, but this year I just haven’t really gotten anything going. So it’s quite a bit harder.” Brittany was just having a good time out there; " I was hitting things to like a foot and just tapping them in, it was stress free. I was having fun with Meena and Christina, and we were just having a good time out there, so I think it’s just for relaxing and not putting pressure on myself and just going out there and having a good time.”