John Deere Classic. McGirt & Johnson Lead July 11 2014

dragon logo dark    John Deere Classic Logo William McGirt and Zach Johnson lead at the John Deere Classic at TPC Deere Run. William McGirt / Getty Images William had a second round -5 under par 66, giving him a -12 under par total and a share of the lead with Zach. He said he is virtually unknown on the Tour, and he is happy with that situation; “I love being in this position because you can go about your business and nobody really knows who you are. You can go to dinner, and people ask 'Are you a golfer? What’s your name?'  "William," he will tell them. “You just leave it at that and they walk away and go, ‘Who was that guy?’” “I like to go out, play golf, have a few beers and watch a football game, nothing flashy about me. Nothing that stands out. I’m just like everybody in this room, like everybody out at this tournament. I didn’t grow up very well off. I’ve never been the most talented guy out here. I’ve had to work for everything I have gotten. Everything I have gotten out of the game, I have pretty much earned through hard work. That’s just me in a nutshell.” "For some reason I'm able to see the line this week, I feel I've putted better the last few weeks and haven't holed anything." Zach Johnson / Getty Images Zach scored a second round -4 under par 67, to get his total of -12 under par, and he is happy to have friends in the gallery; "I've grasped and embraced the fact I'm going to have a lot of friends outside the ropes, and it's terrific. They don't care if I shoot 62 or 82. They're still going to be on my side. "Trying to play for them may have been part of the issue years ago, but not anymore." Steven Bowditch, Johnson Wagner and Brian Harman are all tied in third place, just one shot off the pace at -11 under par tournament total. Steve Stricker is in contact with the leaders, shooting a -6 under par 65 today, to finish with a -9 under pat total. He thinks he knows how to play this course; "I know how to play it, I guess, there's a lot of short iron shots, which plays into my game, and I seem to putt the ball really well, too." "At least I kept pace, this was an important day for me. I didn't go out with a specific number in mind, but I knew I needed something good." Defending champion Jordan Spieth was five strokes behind the leaders through 36 holes, thanks mainly to a -7 under par 64 second round. Interestingly he was five back after two rounds last year.