Women's British Open. Mo Martin Marches On. July 11 2014

dragon logo darkRicoh Women´s British Open Playing  under sunny skies, in beautiful temperatures Mo Martin recorded another -3 under par round at Royal Birkdale Golf Club, for a -6 under par total. Mo Martin / Getty Images Mo is not one of the long hitters off the tee, so she always tries to find the best spots on the fairway, and the strategy is working well, giving her a three shot lead at the mid-way point of the tournament; "It's always nice when your plan pans out, so it's fun to be here. My caddie, Kyle, and I, just figured out where the widest parts of the fairway were, where I would have the best approaches into the greens.  I don't hit it particularly long, so just capitalising on my accuracy." "And then on a course like this, I think I hit the last two, I think I hit one more 3‑wood today, so four and five 3‑woods off the tee, and that's particularly unusual for me.  I'm usually driver all the time.  But just picking good targets, that's really key on this golf course, and executing it.” Beatriz Recari and So Yeon Ryu share second place at -3 under par for the competition. Beatriz explained how she had worked hard to get out of the doldrums with her golf swing; “I was in such an undesirable situation or place, however you want to call it, that pretty much we just worked on getting the swing back, getting the positions back to neutral and back to a position where I could just trust it and hit the shots that I wanted to hit, which are high draws, which like I say, just really worked on basics." "We didn't try anything fancy.  We just worked on take away, backswing, release, follow-through, really basic stuff.  But I needed it, and that's given me the confidence to be able to go out there and enjoy myself." “I felt really confident off the tee, which I think is key on these kind of courses. It's so important to put it on the fairway because that gave me the confidence to be more aggressive and be able to chase a couple of pins and chase some birdies.  I putted really well today especially, and coming in, finishing with three birdies is a good icing on the cake.” The  U.S. Women’s Open winner Michelle Wie, missed the cut here, saying she was out of sorts; “It was just one of those weeks where I got started off on the wrong foot, just didn’t feel quite comfortable. Stuff happens like that, golf is hard. I played well all year, I still feel good about my game. It doesn’t change how I look at my game, but it’s also kind of a good kick in the butt. I know what I need to improve.” Michelle Wie Forlorn looking Michelle Wie / Getty Images