ShopRite LPGA Classic. Jenny Johnson Jumps Ahead. May 30 2014

dragon logo dark Jennifer Johnson shot a low first round at the ShopRite LPGA Classic on Friday and jumps ahead to top the leaderboard. Jennifer Johnson Jenny Johnson / Getty Jenny shot a first round -9  under par 62 to ease ahead of the opposition at the ShopRite LPGA Classic on Bay Course at  Stockton Seaview Hotel & Golf Club. She has plenty of experience on poa annua greens, from her home course in San Diego. "Just gave myself chances all day long, and that really helps on these greens when you hit it close because if not, you’re going to be hitting some bumps out there.” " On seventeen, that’s when I was eight under, so I was trying to like beat my 63. Then I started getting a little nervous, because my goal was to get to like 10 under, but I only got to 9. But like when you shoot something that you’ve never shot before, nerves are going to happen.” "I mean the leaderboard is pretty packed, and there’s a lot of birdies and a lot more golf left, so I just gotta kind of stay in my own little world and just play my game.” Haru Nomura is in second place at -8 under par, saying her putting was in great shape, and she likes the LPGA; "All in all my putting was on.  My shot was really good.  The condition was really great.  So everything was perfect today.  Up to now I'm getting better, and if I continue with my round like today, then I think I can get into the Top 10 in no time.  I really enjoy the LPGA circuit, very, very much." " The only difference from today and tomorrow will be obviously I have morning tee time tomorrow.  The pin placement will be different, but everything else should be the same." In third spot on her own is Christina Kim, an LPGA Tour veteran, at -7 under par, she is recovering from medical treatment, receiving injections of platelet rich plasma, commonly called blood spinning. She is also on a special diet; "I’m eating like a caveman, it’s not exactly a diet, it’s more of a lifestyle, but I’ve been fighting tendonitis for about four years now and underwent some platelet spinning during the off-season at the very beginning of this year and had to miss out the first two events of the season in Australia and the Bahamas, which I never miss events.  So it was devastating to me.” “After the Kraft had gone I decided it was time to do something, you know. I just did a little bit of research, spoke with some people, some people very close to me. And I had during the off week before Hawaii I went and stayed with some people and had paleo food all week, and I thought it was just going to be like rabbit food and all this awful; I mean it’s like you can have like these amazing, amazing dishes, which in the mornings I have this egg bake with spinach and tomatoes and homemade sausage that I make and this porridge. " “It’s like oatmeal but it’s made out of nuts, I have my own blender that I bring with me.  I have ramekins, I bring a bag of spices with me every week, and I’m cooking every week, and I’m really experiencing a lot of joy from that.”