Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club. Just a little Windy May 23 2014

Param logo     dragon logo dark     Hi Guys, Thought I would just pass on this message I received from my golf club about yesterdays five club wind. Today is even worse with rain lashing down in the howling wind. Happy Days .  
Dear Peter,
Welcome to this week’s edition of Course Clippings.  Golfers are a unique breed, and on days like we are experiencing today, I am acutely reminded of this.  Such is the passion for this game that those that engage in its allure are often drawn to its pursuit despite the occasional barrier, of say…..”a five club wind”, to quote one of our Australian guests this morning.  Our Scottish forefathers who developed this wonderful game had a beautiful expression, “if there’s nae wind, it’s nae gawf”.  I am sure the Scots among our membership would have a tear in their eye today.  Blown hats off to all the bravehearts out on the links today who took on the “5 club wind” and succeeded.  Whilst there were a few defeated faces out there today, mainly from those who failed to even make the first tee, the invigoration and enthusiasm from those who gave it a nudge was infectious and displayed all those characteristics of what makes both this game and its participants great.  As our Australian guests so succinctly put it when met off the 18th, “yesterday at Kidnappers was good, but today….that was golf”
It seems apt to wish the “Hurricanes” all the best for Saturday.
Have a great weekend
Leo Barber
This picture is of the tricky par 5 7th hole at Paraparaumu Beach. Good luck staying on that fairway.
17th hole