L.E.T. Deloitte Ladies Open. Kylie Walker With The Lead. May 23 2014

dragon logo dark Deloitte Ladies Open Kylie Walker with the lead at the Deloitte Ladies Open  at The International in Amsterdam.   

Scotland's Kylie Walker / Getty

Kylie shot a first round -4 under par 69, on this par 73 lay-out at The International, in Amsterdam, giving her a two shot lead over the field. Under clear blue skies in warm temperatures Kylie took advantage of the wonderful conditions, remembering the not so good weather last year;

“I had great conditions to play in. The weather has been pretty perfect all day which has been great, especially compared to last year. " 

“I just played really solid, hit fairways and greens and the right parts of the greens. There were occasions where I hit the wrong part and was left with a horrific first putt, but I only did that once or twice and the rest of the time I was hitting the ball in decent spots and giving myself chances.”

“I hit it on in two on the par-5 third, on eight I was on in two and then on nine I hit it in quite close. fifteen, par-5, wedged it in close, sixteen, wedged it in close again. I was driving it well so I was giving myself good chances from the fairway. On eighteen I was just off the green in two and two putted so I made my score on the par fives.”

 In the group of players on -2 under par are fellow Scot Vikki Laing, Russian Maria Balikoeva, England’s Hannah Burke, Moroccan Maha Haddioui, Italian Diana Luna, Frenchwoman Jade Schaeffer, Ainil Bakar from Malaysia and Swedes Julia Davidsson and Anjelika Hammar.

Quite an international crowd all crammed into second place.

Maria played some smart golf;

“You’ve got to be smart off the tees here; I hit lots of 3-woods and 5-woods off tees and didn’t get into trouble."

Vikki was happy with her birdie count today and diplomatically did not mention the bogey's;

“Eight birdies today was pleasing and I hit the ball solidly with my irons and made a few putts. I’m playing well so I’m just trying to keep knocking on the door.”

Jade likes this long course;

“I think it’s a good golf course but very tough. We have a lot of longer irons for the second shot. I have a lot of 5-irons, 6-irons and 4-irons sometimes and I think it’s a long course. We don’t play a lot of courses like this, but the greens are very nice, very difficult.”

Rookie L.E.T. player Anjelika was playing her first tournament and was impressed with the course;

  “When I came here, I just loved the course. I think it’s so well done and the green keepers, I have never putted on these kind of greens, ever. They are so firm and smooth. The ball goes directly where you aim the putt and the fairways are marvellous. I have my coach here this week, Steven Simpson. We have been working a lot for the last two months on my mental game. I think that is the key to why I feel comfortable when I’m playing. When I make a birdie, I’m in balance, when I make a bogey, I’m in balance.”