Kingsmill Championship. Lizette Lifts Trophy. May 19 2014

dragon logo darkKingsmill logo Lizette Salas lifts the Kingsmill Championship trophy on the River Course. Lizette Salas

Lizette Salas / Getty Images

Lizette had a comfortable final round of even par 71, to win the Kingsmill Championship by four shots at -13 under par. It was a dream come true, even if her parents could not be there to witness it;

“I was patient, I was happy, and I was ready most importantly. I took a different approach this week of not thinking so much and trying to be perfect. You know, I made a putter switch last week when I was home, and it was; I felt so ready. There are so many emotions going on right now that I’m just trying to breathe.”

"It is a dream come true. I’ve been working so hard for this. I’ve had so much support over the years and to finally break through my third season out on tour, I’m just so happy. Lot of emotions right now, I wish my parents could have been here to witness it but I know they were glued to the TV. I think the whole city of Azusas was glued to the TV.”

There were three ladies tied in second place,  Sarah Jane Smith, who recorded one of the best rounds of the day at -5 under par 66, Yani Tseng and Lexi Thompson.

Sarah Jane has always enjoyed playing this River Course;

“I’ve always really liked this golf course. Just never been able to put it all together. So I just feel comfortable here. I think that helped. Even though my results may not have shown it, I definitely love it here.”

“Not that I didn’t feel like I could play well, I really didn’t think even I’m really happy with 5 under for the day, but I didn’t think that would sneak in to wherever it is at the moment, so I’m happy with that.”

Joanna Klatten will forever be in the record books as only the second player ever to record an Albatross at the Kingsmill Championship;

"Well, I hit a good drive, and I told myself I really did; I’m not making this up I told myself, I like this shot. I have a perfect 3 wood. It’s exactly the right distance, and I’ve never had a double eagle, I really told myself that. I hit it and I told my caddie, Oh, this is looking good.”

"It was high enough like it landed on the green and just rolled a little bit and kind of looked like it got in the hole. It was awesome because it was a good gallery and people were going crazy, it was so much fun. I just jumped, I hugged my caddie, we high-fived, we went a little crazy for a minute."


There is no such thing as a double eagle in Golf, an Albatross is an Albatross.