Australian Open. Scott still Top, Rory roars up behind him. November 29 2013

2013AustOpen_logo Adam Scott is still top of the leaderboard at the Australian Open, but Rory McIlroy roars up behind him at the Royal Sydney Golf Club. Scott’s Triple Crown race off to a flyer Adam Scott / Getty Images Compared to yesterday's -10 under par round, Adam scored a modest -2 under par 70 today, but it him kept on top of the leaderboard at the Australian Open with a -12 under par total. Adam said it had been a tough afternoon; "It was a tough afternoon, plenty of good stuff in there but made a few mistakes in the tricky conditions.At times, it was extremely difficult and I think I held it together pretty well. It was going to be a day for hanging in. I made lots of birdies but bogeys were easy to come by if you were just slightly off and probably most scorecards would have looked similar this afternoon." Rory McIlroy / AP Rory McIlroy had one of the best rounds of the day, carding a -7 under par 65, which leaves him just two shots behind the leader with his tournament score of -10 under par. He said life is tough when someone is way clear at the top of the leaderboard; “When you see someone like that at the top of the leaderboard already with a low score, it's tough not to think about it. It's tough not to sort of press the issue and try and make birdies to catch up with them right away but golf tournaments are long, they're four days, 72 holes and there's a lot of time to chip away at those leads.” Third place at -9 under par is Richard Green, his second round of -6 under par 66 elevated him up the leaderboard at Royal Sydney. Richard's highlight of the day was an Ace at the par three 6th hole; "That shot on the par 3 sixth today was a flush golf shot. It's nice to build a bit of confidence from hitting good shots again. I love coming to Royal Sydney. It's my favourite course up here, I've done well here before, it fits my game, how far I hit the golf ball at least. It was a very nice day. I've been struggling a little bit of late with my game and changed a few things, changed my clubs, changed my driver; just about everything this week and it's just started to show some good signs again.I haven't hit shots like I have the last two days for a long time, probably about three years.”