The British Never Let a Little war (WWII) Interfere with their Golf. November 27 2013

 The Richmond Golf Club is a private members club and golf course, located within ten miles of Central London, adjoining the historic Royal Richmond Park with its 2,500 acres and wide variety of wildlife. Originally designed by Tom Dunn, it has been extensively modernised to form a challenging par 70, 6091 yard course in a peaceful rural setting. The club house is  the stunning Sudbrook Mansion, a charming Grade One listed building,  It was built in the 1720's for the Duke of Argyle { that is 56 years before the Declaration of Independence} and is especially noted for its baroque Cube Room,where dining is available. This is a notice that was pinned onto the Club Room notice board in 1940, at The Richmond Golf Club. 1)  Players are asked to collect Bomb and Shrapnel splinters, to save these doing damage to the Mowing Machines. 2)  In competitions, during Gunfire or while Bombs are falling, players may take cover, without penalty for ceasing play. 3)  The positions of known delayed action Bombs are marked by red flags at a reasonably, but not guaranteed, safe distance    therefrom. 4)  Shrapnel and/or Bomb splinters on the Fairways, or in Bunkers within a club lengths of a ball, may be moved without penalty,       and no penalty shall be incurred if a ball is thereby caused to move accidently. 5)  A ball moved by enemy action may be replaced, or if lost or destroyed, a ball may be dropped not nearer the hole. 6)  A ball laying in a crater may be lifted and dropped not nearer the hole without penalty. 7)  A player whose stroke is affected by the simultaneous explosion of a bomb may play another ball from the same place. Penalty one stroke. That last rule seemed a bit unfair to me, not that I would have been out there during a bomb raid. It all looks really peaceful, hard to imagine bombs falling all around.