Tiger vs Simon. Whats Your Thoughts. November 05 2013

Simon Dyson Simon Dyson Simon Dyson, World Golf Ranking 174,  faces possible suspension from the European Tour after signing an incorrect scorecard at last weeks BMW Masters in Shanghai.  The whistle blower was another home video referee. Not realizing that had incurred a penalty he failed to add a two-stroke penalty to his card, thus he signed for an incorrect score and was duly disqualified. The European chief referee John Paramor instantly disqualified him from the tournament. As a consequence Simon is now  facing a charge of "misconduct" and if found guilty he could be expelled from the European Tour, for life. Simon said that it was an accidental mistake; "My action was in no way a deliberate act with the intention of breaking the rules. It was simply an accidental mistake." The Tour officials released this statement; "If, following the hearing, the panel decides that a breach of the code has been established, it shall impose a sanction that it considers appropriate having regard to the circumstances. Such sanctions may range from a reprimand, a censure, a fine, a suspension of Membership, a suspension from participation in one or more tournaments or for a given period, or expulsion from the European Tour, or otherwise as the panel shall determine." Compare that occurrence with some of the violations of Tiger Woods, World Golf Ranking 1. Tiger Woods Tiger Woods / Getty Images In The Masters, Tiger deliberately took a drop that was contrary to the rules because he wanted to play from a distance that suited him. The Rules of Golf are necessarily severe in their exactitude. A player, when competing under rule 26-1-a, as Tiger was, is required to drop "as nearly as possible" He duly signed for an incorrect score, the penalty issued by Slugger White, just a two shot penalty, he was allowed to continue in the tournament. At the Abu Dhabi Championship Tiger illegally took a drop, for what he thought was an embedded ball. All the players were aware that the waste sandy areas around the course were not part of the close mowed course, so no free drop was permitted. He duly signed for an incorrect score, the penalty, two shots, and no DQ from the tournament. At the BMW Masters Tiger moved his ball while removing loose impediments, another video infraction. Tiger received a two shot penalty,  the officials stopped him from signing an incorrect card. He still believes to this day that he did nothing wrong. It appears that the rules are applied differently if you are the world number 1, the penalties are not as severe as when you are down at 174. There is always the question of phone in calls on violations, but in the rule book under Decision 34-3/9: ''Testimony of those who are not a part of the competition, including spectators, must be accepted and evaluated. It is also appropriate to use television footage and the like to assist in resolving doubt.'' Tiger has also benefited from other rulings, twice he has lost his ball and been given a free drop ? The one at Firestone was the craziest, Tiger had sliced a shot onto the clubhouse roof, the ball was never found, they even searched the car park beyond the clubhouse, stating that it was not out of bounds. This searching took more than five minutes. The TV commentators announced that the ball had disappeared down an air-conditioning duct, and could not be found. Who comes to Tigers rescue, Slugger White, giving him a free drop, greenside. Not sure what rule he was using. Slugger White said the clubhouse has never been deemed to be out-of-bounds. In fact, he said Woods' ball could have bounced across Warner Road and onto the North Course, and it still would have been in play. The rule book seems to disagree with him stating that "Out of bounds is beyond the boundaries of the course" Whatever, it is still a lost ball. What are your thoughts ? I am interested.