Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship, Suzann Supreme. October 25 2013

Suzann Petterson reigns supreme in the Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship at the Sunrise Golf and Country Club. Suzann continued her impressive display of golf in Taiwan as she fired a second-round 3-under par 69 to extend her lead at the Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship with a tournament total of -7 under par. A hole in one at the par 3 second hole set on her way, and she never looked back. That is five shots clear of Sun Young Yoo and Carlota Ciganda, both ladies with a -2 under par total. Suzann said she knew she had hit the ball well, for her hole in one; " I called the shot, I hit it exactly how I wanted and was fortunate enough that I had a good break, it was a very good shot. It's nice to get a hole‑in‑one when you actually call the shot in advance and then pull the trigger.” She went on to say how tough the day was; " So today was a really tough day, the wind got stronger and stronger and it's definitely not easy out there. The wind and the conditions tests every aspect of the game. I mean, even a 80‑yard shot it's challenging enough to control the spin and know what the ball is going to do. Standing over putts, you feel the wind on the body.  It's a mental test out there but it's a fun challenge.  I've been playing really solid golf, and I'm excited to be where I'm at after two days.” " I'm playing pretty good, I'm trying to shoot the best I can shoot, and if I want to finish where I want to finish at the end of the year, I've got to start this week and try to make the most out of this tournament. That's kind of where my focus is.” So basically unless Suzann falls over and breaks a leg she has already won this tournament, actually she could probably still win with one leg in plaster. Second place is a little more interesting, with at least eight players in contention for that spot. I will keep you updated on that tussle but for now that is all I have for today.