Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship. Suzann Shines in the Fog, October 24 2013

Suzann Petterson shines in the first round of the Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship at the Sunrise Golf and Country Club in Taiwan in foggy and wet conditions.   Suzann Petterson / Getty Defending Champion Suzann fired an opening round -4 under par 68, to lead the Sunrise LPGA Championship by three shots over her nearest rival. She admitted it had been a tough old day; It was a tough day out there, conditions were not great. I've played this course in nicer conditions. Once the rain stopped, the wind picked up, so I mean, it's your pick, if you want rain or you want wind.” "I don't really feel comfortable around this place because the wind is all over, but I feel pretty good with my game. I feel my ball-striking is pretty much where I want it to be.  I've got to just be very clear on what I'm trying to do and step up and do it.  I hit some great approaches on the back and I hit some good ones on the front.” " I work really hard on my game, I've said for a long time, I feel like my best game is ahead of me so I think I'm just about to kind of touch on where I feel like I should be and when I put down the work that I feel is needed and kind of trust what I do, I feel this is where I should be.”  There are three ladies tied in second place at -1 under par for the opening day, they are, Alison Walshe, Irene Cho and Caroline Hedwall. Irene and Caroline were paired together, but said it was hard to chat with your playing partner; " It was like we didn't even get a chance to talk to each other, we were so busy doing stuff.  We just chatted, like, all right, one hole down. Under the umbrella, it's hard, you can't like walk next to each other. This is a good week to test if you really like your caddie because you're spending a lot of time with him.” Caroline agreed; " That's basically what we did, and now the wind picked up a little. I think it was an advantage to start early today. It feels nice to be done now.” Alison was happy that before the game she could watch a replay of her baseball team playing, the Red Sox; "It's actually been nice, because like in the morning sometimes, down in Korea. I got to watch it in the morning kind of pre-tournament, and then they replay it every afternoon, so it's kind of nice, yeah. You start playing well and you're just confident and stuff.  So it's been kind of nice to just keep it going and hopefully I can continue.”