Tour Championship. Stellar Stenson Set For Victory September 20 2013

Henrik Stenson had a stellar second round at the Tour Championship, by Coca-Cola at the East Lake Golf Club, and is now set up nicely for Victory. The first European to win the FedExCup. Drive to succeed Henrik Stenson / Getty Images Henrik shot a second round -4 under par 68 for a tournament total -10 under par, and an almost invincible four shot lead going into the week-end. He was lucky not to get disqualified, he broke a four wood on the practice range just before teeing off, he left the damaged club in the locker room. But if had just left it the bag without using it he would have received a four shot penalty, that would have wiped out his four shot lead. If he had used it though he would have been disqualified. It is not often someone plays with only 13 clubs in the bag; " You asked me how well I knew the rules the other day. I gave myself 7 out of 10, didn't I? I guess this was in the other 30 percent then. Good thing that we put it in the locker before we teed off. In general, I try to keep it at 14, most rounds I manage to finish with 14 as well. I've won quite a few of my wins from being in the front. I've always looked at it like if I'm ahead the other guy's got to play better to catch up. So I don't mind it at all. They got more work to do than I have, in that sense. It might seem like a large lead or whatever, but four shots during two rounds is not that much. We know sometimes four shots isn't enough on nine holes. So I'm pretty cool about that. I'm just going to go out and try to do the best I can for the next two days, and hopefully that's good enough." Adam Scott is in second place on his own at -6 under par for the tournament, he admitted he did not play well today; " I didn't play my best golf out there today, a few errant tee shots. Not that I got in a lot of trouble, but when you're out of position, it's really hard to have a good score around here. I scrambled well on a few holes, and I didn't get much to go down when I had opportunities. It was just one of those days, and at least it's only one guy four in front. So four is not so many at this point. I was in not very good shape at all, so I'd like to clean the start up a little bit for the weekend. If you get off to a good start here, there's a good score to be had, for sure, and Henrik managed it both days. And the opening holes are a good opportunity here. So you need to take advantage of them."Look, Henrik is playing fantastic, so he's got this thing under control at the moment. But not for 36 holes. I think there's too many good players here.  It's not just myself or someone at 5 under. Someone back at 3 and 2 can still have a run at this thing. If it is softer tomorrow because of rain, there could be a lot better scores because it's playing probably as tricky as it can at the moment, and if it softens up, I'd expect the scores to be a little better." Jordan Spieth is alone in third at -5 under par, and is still hyped up about being here; "I think I'm just so still stoked about being at this tournament, what it means, and then the Presidents Cup is in two weeks, and that obviously keeps you going. Maybe after that, I'll be a little tired, but right now I'm good." Fourth place is occupied by three players on -4 under par, they are, Justin Rose, Dustin Johnson and Billy Horschel. Phil Mickelson shot a  -3 under par 67 to get to -2 under par entering the weekend at East Lake, but is still a mighty eight shots off the lead. Phil mentioned the loose first round, but said he is back  on song now; " I let a number of shots go on the first 27 holes, then it clicked right back in. Just a slight setup adjustment, and I started to feel really good with it. Since the British Open, this is the best I've felt with my golf swing, the best I've felt with a putter." Tiger Woods slumped to another over par round, a +1 for a 73, which leaves him 14 shots off the lead at +4 over par. He said he has just run out of gas, but said he is still in contention: "I put everything I had into that start and didn't have much at the end, just ran out of gas. My legs were just tired, I didn't rotate through the ball on 17, and I turned it over. Same thing I did over on what was it, 14? Same shot. It's been just a long, long grind. We play a lot of golf from the British Open on. We're all looking forward to that week off. I'm still in contention, there's 36 holes. This is not a sprint. It's a marathon. You've got to keep plugging around."