L.E.T. The Evian Championship. 1st Round Play Suspended. September 12 2013

The Evian Championship The Evian Championship was suspended during the first round due to unplayable course conditions at the Evian Resort Golf Club, in France. Play will resume on Friday at 0745  local time and all scores from Thursday have been erased. Almost four inches of rain has saturated the Evian Resort Golf Club since Saturday. The rain, combined with unusually hot weather during the month of August has put a lot of stress on a newly renovated golf course. Squeegeeing in vain / Getty American Cindy LaCrosse was at the top of the leaderboard when play was suspended, she was -1 under after completing the first hole. She understated; “It was pretty wet; I think we’ve just had too much rain and it came down harder than we thought it would. The greens just couldn’t hold that much water and the right decision was made, unfortunately for me. Hopefully tomorrow is better.” The first and second-round pairings will remain the same, and a cut to the leading 70 players plus ties will be made at the conclusion of the second round on Saturday. The officials are hopeful that they will be able to complete the third and fourth rounds on Sunday, weather permitting. There is rain forecast for Sunday, so everyone concerned with the tournament will have to keep their fingers crossed. It is a very sad start to the inaugural Evian Championship,