Please Pray For Pinky. September 11 2013

Please Pray for Pinky, she has spent her entire adult  life in prison, she has committed no crime, but the leaders of the country have legalized the practice just so that  pig farmers can make an extra buck. She does not even have the room to turn around in the cruel cramped conditions. God may have granted us dominion over the animals, but that did not include suffering and cruelty. Petition your congressman to stop this cruel treatment, or simply stop buying pork, and that includes bacon and ham. In fact most religions in the world  teach their followers that the pig is not to be eaten. It also says that in the Bible, so even us Christians are not supposed to eat the pig. Another good reason to stay away from pork is the drugs like zilpaterol and ractopamine, that these poor creatures in the cages are fed, just to speed their weight gain. Ractopamine, in particular, raises significant food safety and animal welfare concerns for U.S. and international consumers.  Unlike the U.S., more than 160 countries – including Russia, China, Taiwan, and the 27 members of the European Union, ban or strictly limit the use of ractopamine, a drug used widely in animal feed that promotes growth in pigs, cattle, and turkeys.  Ractopamine is linked with serious health and behavioral problems in animals, and while human health studies are limited, those that exist raise serious concerns. So Please Pray For Pinky, and go to  to sign the Petition   Uh