Can Rory Roar Back To Life. August 07 2013

Rory McIlroy Rory in the swing at Oak Hill Country Club/ Getty Images Rory McIlroy has fond memories of last years and to rekindle that winning spirit he has watched a video of his eight shot PGA Championship win at Kiawah Island. Rory thinks he became embroiled in a mechanical swing, instead of his natural instinctive swing, he spoke about his thoughts and ambitions of his defense of his title at Oak Hill; “I’ve thought about my swing a little bit too much, and that’s prevented me from playing the way I want to play, which is that carefree, free-flowing game that I usually have. The speed of my body through the ball has always been one of my biggest advantages and maybe one of my disadvantages as well. When you have so much speed through the ball, you need to time it perfectly for it to work well all the time. When I’m on and I can sync my upper body and lower body, everything’s great, when those two just get a little bit out of sync is when I start to struggle. I've taken a few things away from this year, I think there's been times where I've thought about my swing a little bit too much, and that's prevented me from playing the way I want to play. That's the thing, there's been times this year where I've really gotten down on myself and that's something that hasn't helped at all, and something that I'm trying to get better at.” Watching last years video has lifted his spirits, given him some confidence, and he loves to prove people wrong. “It's body language, it's how you carry yourself, it's all that sort of stuff, your little mannerisms. I guess it's just trying to just remember those feelings, how I felt that week and trying to carry some of that into this week. Just to get those good, positive thoughts going. There's no point in slumping your shoulders and getting down on yourself. Just try to be really resilient and carry yourself as if you were playing well. I guess just every time you play and you don't play well, it sort of chips away at your confidence a little bit. It's just about building that back up, but I'm sitting here as confident as I have been all year. I love proving people wrong, I loved sitting up here last year on the Sunday night and just being like, I proved a lot of people wrong.” Good Luck to you Rory