John Deere Classic. Two Tied At TheTop July 11 2013

Logo Image Zach Johnson and Camilo Villegas are the two players tied at the top of the leaderboard after the opening round of the John Deere Classic, at TPC Deere Run. John Deere Classic, Round 1 Zach Johnson and Camilo Villegas / Getty Images Defending Champion Zach Johnson has posted his intention to hold on to the John Deere Classic trophy by carding a very comfortable first round -7 under par 64. Zach said he was always comfortable playing this course; " I have always felt comfortable here, regardless of my numbers. It just feels natural now, I’ve gotten so used to being here that it just feels very, very comfortable now. When you are comfortable with the surroundings, when you’re comfortable with the peripherals, it helps. My routine has been the same here the last three or four years, we’re staying in the same place, I’ve got my family here. The John Deere Classic staff does a great job of just letting me get into my game. I can only imagine winning this tournament twice in a row, let alone three times in a row, it’s just not easy. When you can embrace the positives you had from the previous years, previous rounds, that’s great. However, you still have to really just stay in the present. That’s what makes what Steve Stricker did that much more impressive. To take it to another level, that’s what makes what Tiger Woods has done over multiple years, on multiple golf courses, multiple events, repeating, defending, even beyond impressive. I can live with that, especially now that I have won here, but even before that. I’m not trying to over simplify it, but what I have done is just felt like, you know what? It doesn’t matter if I shoot 85 or if I shoot 60. Friends and family are still going to be here, cheering for me. It’s just the fact of the game and where I am here. And I am so thankful for that." Camilo Villegas, who has been in the doldrums for sometime suddenly had a red-hot putter, needing only 26 putts in his round of -7 under par 64, to equal Zach's total; " Made some great putts and just kept out of trouble, I was very pleased with the way I handled myself out there. It was a nice, relaxed, chill attitude and I enjoyed every single bit of the round. It’s the game of golf, it’s a messed up game. You make a little mistake here, a little mistake there, and the numbers just don’t add. I truly believe that sometimes we over analyze. When guys start playing bad, they get calls. I can help you. Then you’ve got the mental coach, the golf swing coach, you’ve got the physical trainer. You have all these people who have the answer, and nobody has the answer, It’s only you. Let me tell you, in this game everything is a lot easier said than done. This job is great when you’re playing good, it kicks your butt when you’re not performing. But you can kick your butt even harder when things are not going good. So I’m trying not to be that guy that kicks his butt a little bit harder, just enjoy every second of it."   Tied in third place are Brendon De Jong, Matt Bettencourt and Daniel Summerhays, all on -6 under par, just one shot behind. The John Deere Classic looks like being another closely contested contest, and Zach has a real incentive to win again.