LPGA. Walmart NW Arkansas Championship. Four-Way Fling At the TOP June 23 2013

There is a fanciful four-way fling at the top of the leaderboard in the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship at the Pinnacle Country Club. Beatriz Recari / Getty   The University of Arkansas alum Stacy Lewis, Spain’s Beatriz Recari, 2013 rookie Chie Arimura and South Korea’s So Yeon Ryu lead the field by two shots heading into Sunday’s final round. Stacy, the home town favorite this week admits she is under pressure to produce a winning result; " There's definitely going to be pressure there. I think the thing that motivates me more is that I have a bet with my caddie going, but I can't tell you , you'll see what it is on 17 tomorrow. But as long as I'm in the final group tomorrow you'll see what it is on 17.  So I think that's what motivated me more than anything today was I wanted to be in that final group going into tomorrow. There's just some pins you just can't go at. There's some sucker pins out there in the middle of the green, you have try to make par and move on. I think the hard part is I'm going to want it so bad, and I know the fans are going to want me to win really bad. When I get in big events, I want it so bad and I just have to stay patient tomorrow. Honestly, I think it's everything I dealt with this year with the week that I became No. 1 in the world, it was just chaos. And dealing with that pressure of being No. 1 in the world, I learned a lot from that." So Yeon thinks anyone could win; " The green condition is go great, so everybody have a really great chance to be shot really low score, kind of like 6 or 7 under.  Also, can be chance to be like 10‑under.  So now I just checked the leaderboard and there might be four players lead the tournament, but not just four of us game.  I see a lot of players in contention. The most important thing is just to love myself, sometimes when I play really bad, I hate my swing, I hate my personality, I hate everything. I just realized if I love myself I can play well. I haven’t won for a while, it’s kind of a drought, I’m pretty sure it’s time to win." Beatriz, said she thought she was missing some component of her game; “Last year I considered my best season so far even though I didn't win because I showed a little consistency that I wanted and I was really good, you know. It was very challenging to make every cut every week.  And I obviously got some good feedback that I was doing things right, but I was missing a little something to win. Obviously when something is working, just keep on doing it and then figure out what is not that good and just work on that to improve. And obviously I hit the right buttons and so, like I say, I'm just keeping it simple and keeping working on the same things." Chie just enjoyed the day; " It was really fun today, it was a great day. I didn’t miss any fairways or greens, I had many chances today. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. This is first time I’m in this place, leading. I want to concentrate one shot at a time." This one is going to be a real shoot-out tomorrow, good luck to everyone involved.