Euro Tour. BMW International Open, Kaymer Comes Home. June 20 2013

Martin Kaymer, a previous winner of the BMW International Open, at Golfclub München Eichenried in 2008, is coming home to play as the home town favorite. Martin Kaymer  (Getty Images) Martin Kaymer / Getty Images Martin said he feels the pressure of being a favorite and sensing the expectations of his countrymen; " The last few years, we have only BMW as a sponsor for The European Tour in Germany and obviously for me it's very nice to come home. We don't really have the chance to sleep in your own bed very often. But also, it's a little bit more pressure; the expectations from people, the expectations from yourself. You put a little bit more pressure on yourself, but it's a fine line to find the combination of using the support from the fans and the spectators, and your will, you put it all together and try to get a good result. This week I organized things a little bit differently and I have a little bit more time for myself. Everybody was satisfied with the way things went and now we can focus on golf. I just played the Pro Am, I will practice a little bit later, go home, chill, and hopefully shoot a good round tomorrow." The Ryder Cup star endured a testing time at the U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club last week, finishing tied in 59th place. He said he was happy for his Medinah team-mate Justin Rose to win; " It's very tough, when you come from the US Open, if you tell me how my game is, you shot 19 over par, I can't tell you I'm playing well, it sounds stupid. But I'm not playing bad. It's just one of those weeks when you come from the US Open, you don't really know what you're going to get the next week, so today was fine. I played fairly well and the golf course, I do enjoy it, I had success here. So I'm looking forward to the whole week. It's a different week than the last few years for me, so I hope I can enjoy it more. US Open, you just try to hold on, pretty much from Thursday morning, until Sunday afternoon, and here is a little bit chasing. I was so happy for him [Justin], because I know how hard he worked the last couple years. We had dinner with his caddie, I think five-six months ago or so, and he was so motivated. He was so motivated and he was so into it, and he wanted almost to win more than a player I thought. And to see Justin, winning a Major, I didn't know how many years ago it is that an English guy won a Major but it must have been almost 20 years; and now Justin got it done, in combination with his caddie, how much they put into it. I was very, very happy for him. It was nice to see." Another player to come over from Merion is American Dustin Johnson, a Ryder Cup opponent of Martin. Dustin is still in recovery mode from his recent back injury, and came through the tough course lay-out at Merion without further miss-hap; " Obviously coming off the US Open, I struggled a little bit there but feel really good coming into this week. I had a good day today, hit the ball really well. The course is in fantastic shape and it's playing a little easier than the US Open was. I like coming here, Munich is a great city, people are very friendly. I enjoy hanging out in the city after the golf rounds. Obviously BMW does a great job here with this golf tournament, I'm happy to be here." Good Luck to Martin, I know my blogging friend in Germany, Stephan, is looking forward to seeing Martin triumphantly lift high the BMW International Open trophy.