LPGA. Wegmans LPGA Championship. 1st Round Rained Off June 06 2013

The Wegmans LPGA Championship opening round was called off on Thursday due to continuous rain falling throughout the morning, making the Locust Hill Country Club course unplayable. Wet and Puddled Fairways / Getty The first and second round pairings will remain the same, and a cut will be made at the conclusion of the second round on Saturday. The officials intend to complete both the third and fourth rounds (36 holes) on Sunday, June 9. The weather has been ever-present at tournaments this year, more so it seems on the LPGA Tour. Stacy Lewis said everyone pretty much knew it was going to be a wet tournament; "I think coming into the day everybody knew what the weather was going to be. We knew it was going to be a long day, long week.  It always is here.  So, I mean we're golfers.  We deal with rain delays all the time.  So you just have to stay patient with it and when you have an opportunity to play, just be ready to go and hopefully your golf swing can stay in a rhythm." Brittany Lang was happy to take the day off, to relax; " It's definitely tough because you're excited to get going, but to be honest with you, I'm fairly tired, being my fourth week in a row. So it's actually kind of good for me. I mean I feel fine.  I'm sure I would have played fine, but a day of rest is probably good for me.  I'm sure a lot of girls are definitely ready to get going, but I'm going to go hang out and do some fun things and get ready for tomorrow and just rest. This amount of rain with that rough is going to be extremely difficult. It's going to play longer, which the course isn't overly long, so that's really not too much of a factor. But that rough is going to get thicker, and being wet, it is so hard to hit out of wet rough like that,  I mean it's nearly impossible." Paige Mackenzie said the rain will make the rough even rougher; " The rough this year in my opinion is the longest that I've ever seen it. It's always healthy, but it's like Sunday rough on Tuesday, so it'll be interesting not having cut it what it's going to look like on Sunday with this kind of moisture and if it's going to continue to grow the next four days."