Tiger the TV Ref ? No Way May 08 2013

Focus: Woods puts in some putting practice with his coach Sean Foley ahead of the Players Championship Sean Foley & Tiger, putting practice  ahead of the Players Championship. Tiger has admitted he would not pick up the phone and call in any infringement he may have witnessed on TV, no matter what sport he happened to be watching; "I don't ever see myself calling in and saying that Kobe traveled or things like that;  or some offensive lineman held. But it's our sport, and that's what we've accepted. Certain groups are going to get more heat than others just because they're on TV. It is what it is.'' Tiger was speaking at TPC Sawgrass, where he is preparing for The Players Championship, he was referring to the incident at the Masters, which eventually cost him a triple bogey, and lost him the chance of winning the tournament; " I had a lot of momentum going at that time,' I think I was tied for the lead with Fred, and I thought I'd stuffed it in there and I thought it was going to be a birdie and I could take the lead there and maybe sneak one in on the final three holes and basically start building a lead in the tournament. And it kind of turned the other way with a good shot. When I was away from it I reflected on the things I did right, but also the things I did wrong. Unfortunately, I hit a good shot and caught a bad break. I still had an opportunity over the next 36 holes to get it back but I just didn’t do it." Talking about The Players Championship, and its importance in association with the four Majors, Tiger thought if there was to be another Major, this would be it; "We have our four major championships, and that's that. But if there was going to be another one, this would be it. This is the best field that we have. We have guys from all over the world playing, and probably next to the PGA Championship, one of the deepest and stiffest fields we'll face.‘It is one of those tricky courses where they have some very tough lines off the tee and if you are not playing well you are going to get exposed,’ said Woods. ‘On top of that the greens are now a lot more fiery coming into them, so that makes it even more important to hit the ball in these fairways. And if you miss these greens at all, you’ve got some of the weirdest, funky little shots you will ever face." Tiger Woods' whistle blower was one David Eager, a rules official, who not only embarrassed himself, but other officials, and TV commentators, who were on the course at the time. Maybe those guys will be seeking revenge on him the next time he tees it up on the Champions Tour. If Tiger never quite gets passed Jack Major record, misses out by one, just think. Tiger Woods's Masters TV whistleblower revealed to be rules official David Eger Tiger and The Drop / AP