Wells Fargo Championship. Quail Hollow Asides, The TV Sleuth Strikes Again. May 03 2013

  Sergio Garcia was the recipient of a ruling from the Lazyboy TV referee. He called in because he thought Sergio had marked his ball incorrectly, he made this judgement after watching the slow-motion replay a couple of times. Sergio marked his ball prior to attempting a 4-footer for par at the 17th hole on Friday during the second round of the Wells Fargo Championship, apparently incorrectly. The TV sleuth thought Sergio had marked the ball to the side, and not behind the ball. Sergio said he had marked slightly to one side, but still behind the ball, because the marker would have been on the line of the putt of Bill Hass. He reported; "Then I put it straight up or straight down where I thought it was the same spot. I thought I put it as close as I could, obviously, with the coin still behind the ball. It looked like it might have moved a tiny bit, but the rules officials felt that obviously I didn't gain anything by it. There are obviously a lot of times that you try to put it in exactly the same spot but it's difficult to do, not just for me, but for everyone. They thought that it was fine." Sergio had a discussion with the two Rules officials, who had to watch the slow-motion replay several times to even see the so-called infringement; " And I said if you guys feel like I gained something by, obviously, moving it, I don't know how much, like a centimeter or couple centimeters, whatever it is, I'm fine with the two-stroke penalty. I'd rather take the two-stroke penalty than come out here like I was a cheater. Obviously, they felt that wasn't the case. I told them exactly what I did, and they felt it was fine. That's pretty much it." I think it really is time to ignore these slow-motion TV viewing idiots, if the infringement is not called on the course during play, then as Paul McCartney famously said " Let It Be" Lee Westwood is battling against a chest infection, but nothing, not even the unfortunate state of the greens is going to stop him; "I like this golf course way too much. It's a lot of money that we're playing for and a title at the end of the day. Somebody's going to say a speech and thank everybody and thank the greens keeper and Wells Fargo for putting up the cash at the end of the week, and somebody's going to be happy with the way the course is set up. Certainly helps when everybody in the group is playing well. You're seeing good shots all the time, and you get the feeling that the course is giving up birdies and isn't playing quite as hard as it might be. I just won't do too much practice this afternoon, I'll just go back to the room and lie down, really." Healthy game Lee Westwood / Ehrmann / Getty Images A sad sight to see at Quail Hollow, was Padraig Harrington using a long putter, despite saying that he felt long putters were bad for the game; "In terms of the mechanics, it was a far better stroke, it wasn't very good today. I just wasn't quite as comfortable, which I kind of knew was coming. The grip of my normal putter is open and the grip of this is square, so I'm not quite used to it yet. There was a bit of resetting when I was over the ball, which, obviously, I prefer not to have. But that's just familiarity, and it will be interesting to give it another go tomorrow. I think it's bad for the game of golf, but I'm going to use everything, if something's going to help me for the next three and a half years, I'm going to use it." Sounds similar to Ernie Els statements.