Phil and Phrankenwood Fail at the Masters. April 16 2013

2013-04-14-phil-mickelson-star-down Phil Mickelson / Jack Gruber, USA TODAY Sports. Phil and his much daunted new acquisition from Callaway, the driver hybrid christened Phrankenwood, failed miserably at the Masters. Phil finished tied 54th at Augusta National, the three-time Champion just not firing on all cylinders at all. All the hype surrounding the Phrankenwood driver substitute disappeared into the ether. Callaway must have been hoping for a good championship from Phil, and were probably gearing up for a big production run of Phrankenwood. Phil's poor performance on the course has wrecked any chance of selling millions of the new driver hybrid. Phil admitted he was very disappointed with his tournament, and blamed most of it on the schedule change which prevented him from his usual course, which was to play a tournament the week before the Masters. Obviously just knocking the ball around Augusta National with Condoleezza Rice was not good preparation for the Major ahead. This is how Phil explained things; " It’s disappointing for me because this is my favorite place to be. I expect a lot more out of my game. Today was the first time that swing coach Butch Harmon and I;  we had some good direction, and I'll have something to work on these next two weeks before I play at Charlotte and The Players.  I had an off-year, played poorly, I don’t know what to tell you. I just wasn't as mentally sharp as I needed to be. I need to find another way to prepare for big weeks if I can’t play the week before." I am still a big fan of Phil, and his golf, his wholesome lifestyle, and the way he conducts himself on and off the course. I trust that the golf side of things improves, soon.