Good Start to 2013 for MY Family January 01 2013

My younger sister Jenny Jackson has just received confirmation that her kidney transplant is scheduled to be performed this year, on Tuesday February 26th. Jen has been waiting for many years for this operation to take place, but recent medical progress has now offered her the chance to receive a kidney donated by her husband Phil. Jen & Phil Jenny & Phil, taking tea at The Ritz in London, earlier this year Many years ago Jen had a transplant from a dead donor, which was very gratefully received. She named the kidney Sidney, I think in honor of the man who donated it to her. At that time Jen had been on dialysis for a long time, and having that transplant operation meant that she could escape the three days a week she had to spend at the hospital plumbed into the dialysis machine. The machine does a good job of cleaning the blood, which of course meant she could continue with her life, and raise her two children, Angela and Becky. Jen is also now a grand-mother, and loving it. The downside of a kidney donated by a dead donor is that its functional life is only ten years. The ten years seemed to fly by and suddenly Jen was back on dialysis once again. The search for a new donor began all over again, the best solution would be to find a compatible live donor. A kidney from a live donor would probably see Jen all the way to the pearly gates. Finding such a donor, whose blood type would match Jen's was a mammoth task, and no such donor could be found. So Jen had to return to the drudgery of the trips to the hospital and re-acquaint herself with the dialysis machine. My even younger sister Jayne had also suffered the family fate and needed a transplant. After much searching and gnashing of teeth, no donor could be found who was compatible with Jayne, so it was off to the hospital and the dialysis machine for her. Then by a strange piece of luck it was discovered that her Husband Steve Lederman was a perfect match, and he readily agreed to the procedure. A successful transplant operation was carried out, and to this day both Jayne and Steve live full and happy lives. The only downside for Jayne was that she was advised not to drink alcohol, which was a bit of a blow as she had previously always enjoyed a glass of Champagne. Actually it was always Mumms Champagne that she preferred. Steve is a London cab driver, so if you are heading over to London and need a fully licensed cab, driven by someone who knows London like the back of his hand and can speak English contact Steve. I can assure you that as a driver and tour guide Steve is an excellent choice. Among the many references Steve has received are ones from Mr & Mrs Simon from Chicago, Mr & Mrs Pullen also from Chicago. Mr & Mrs Sonny Kamnikar from Los Angeles, and Kevin & Susan Wachter from Denver. Jayne & Steve Steve & Jayne But back to Jen, initially husband Phil was not a match for her, and until recently a transplant from her husband was out of the question. Now Medical science has found a new drug which will make possible to receive a kidney from a non compatible donor. As this is a new drug and a new procedure it needs to be trialed on real patients before becoming normal practice. Jen and Phil have been selected for the trial program, and agreed together to test this new drug and transplant procedure. I wish them all the happiness and success their bravery deserves. If you can find some time, please contact Jen & Phil and let them know of your support, and wish them luck. I will keep you updated with all information as we go along, but for now it is an exciting event just waiting to happen. FYI, our father died of kidney disease after spending many years on dialysis, the constant use over time weakened his heart and he died suddenly of a heart attack. I am one of four of his children, three girls and me. I am the eldest and next is Kate, we both have not been affected by the disease, but the two younger girls were. It is all down to blood type,  Kate and I have our mothers type, while Jen and Jayne have my fathers.