Golf Trip, Up Country NZ November 13 2012

Tim, Roy and myself set off at 9 am on Friday morning, three of us in Tim's 4x4, make and model unknown, probably Japanese, we were in a tournament organised by the Kapiti Club. Roy had recently won his club championship at Waikanae Golf Club. Tim is the Captain of the Inter-Islander Ferry, and I of course am the CEO of White Dragon Golf. A really distinguished group, if I may say so. Things were going quite well until it was decided to stop for coffee, I think about an hour and a half into the four-hour journey. Captain Tim pulled into the first coffee shop he saw, just as we entered a town called Foxton. The building did not look too salubrious, but the boys shrugged off the shabby appearance and went in. They both ordered coffee, one Latte and a Mocha-chino, it was a hot day so I pulled out a can of Coke from the chiller. Tim loves to eat, so he decided to supplement his coffee break with a beef sausage roll, a strange concoction, I did not like the look of it. When the coffee's were delivered to our table I thought the mixture looked more like dirty washing up liquid, and apparently my observation was spot on as both guys remarked that it was the worst cup of coffee they had ever tasted. They dubbed it the worst coffee in the world, and later on the dodgy sausage roll would have its effect on Tim. I have not named or even published a picture of this joint for fear of legal reprisals, but if you are ever in New Zealand and are driving  north through the town of Foxton do not stop at the first coffee shop over the bridge. Our journey continued, we were on our way to play a round at the Taihape Golf Club Inc, Arnold Palmer had once played there and reportedly said that the par 3 12th hole was one of the finest he had played. Confident that this would be a good choice of golf course we happily drove past Rangatira Golf Club, where some others of our 20 strong party in total, were playing. No sooner had we passed this delightful course when I received a call from Tony and Les, the two guys we were going to meet at Taihape, their car had broken down, some miles behind us, could we turnaround and go to back to help. So being the good Samaritans we executed a u-turn and went back to offer any assistance we could.                       Les, arms in air in disbelief at his cars meltdown, Tony, in yellow and Captain Tim look on. After a lot of deliberation the A.A. were called and a tow truck dispatched to our location. As there was not enough room in our car for both gentlemen and their golf gear, it was decided to dump Les and his gear off at Rangatira Golf Club, where the others would get him to our final destination.                     Tony, waiting patiently for our car to return and pick him up. Once Les had been delivered the four of us continued our journey to Taihape, some two hours later than expected, but still full of anticipation for the golf ahead. Unfortunately Taihape Golf Course was not quite the delight we were expecting, and although we appeared to be the only people on the course itself, we still had to share the space with a couple of thousand Lamb cutlets {sheep}. They did not interrupt the golf by being in the way, they took off as soon as we came into view, it was what they left behind that caused all the problems. Sheep crap sticks to anything, including my ball as it was hole bound on one green. Arnold was correct about the par 3 12th, it is indeed a handsome challenge, but not worth the slog through the crap to get there.                 Taihape Golf Club I will continue the story of the weekend golf another time.