Politics & Golf Don't Mix Well. Andalucian Masters is Axed. September 13 2012

The Andalucia Masters tournament in Southern Spain next month has been cancelled, the European PGA Tour confirmed this news on Wednesday. PGA chief executive George O’Grady said the event was a victim of the economic crisis engulfing Spain, with a change of local government in the region leading to withdrawal of financial support for a tournament due to be played from October 18th-21st . Unfortunately the local authorities in Andalucia announced that the competition at the Valderrama Golf Club would not now go ahead. Last year the tournament at the Valderrama Golf Club was won by Spain's Sergio Garcia, but  despite having a local Champion defending his title it seems local politicians have shot themselves in the foot.  The Junta de Andalucia confirmed this decision by letter which they also announced by a press release on Monday September 10th. PGA chief executive George O’Grady said; " Despite discussions with the Royal Spanish Golf Federation, and a formal legal agreement with the Junta de Andalucia, the tournament will not take place. This isn’t Valderrama’s problem, Valderrama has been tremendously helpful and supportive in the political arena. “This is really due to a change of leadership in the area and how they do things. We always felt this one would be rescued, and we were prepared to go the extra mile with our own money, whether we cut the prize fund or things like that, but you can’t do it if people won’t talk back the other way. This is a big change in political leadership. The individual concerned probably doesn’t understand what he’s got with the Andalucia Masters."