Kiawah Island, Luke Donald Inspired by GB Olympic Team Performance. August 07 2012

  Luke Donald PGA Championship - Preview Day 2

Luke Donald/Getty Images

Luke Donald is drawing inspiration from the performance of Team GB in the London Olympics, and is hoping this will spur him on to win his first Major, at the PGA Championship at Kiawah Island. Speaking in interview yesterday he revealed;

"They're all inspiring in their own way. The fact that you have one event every four years to really work hard, to see some of the guys who don't perform and to see some of the guys that perform and win gold, I mean, there's a lot of raw emotions there. And watching certainly has inspired me a lot in terms of having that wish to be there in four years, to have an opportunity to also win a gold medal. Coming off the US Open I was very disappointed how I kind of handled the situation mentally, I didn't come in hitting the ball that great and maybe that added to some of the anxiety. But certainly I think there was a little bit of a breakthrough, just realizing at the Open Championship that no matter how I'm hitting it physically there's always a way to mentally be on top. I did that very well and as a result I also played pretty well." The last sixteen Majors have been won a different player, and Luke obviously hopes that streak will continue, this time in his favor; "I guess the longer the streak goes, the more encouragement it gives to those guys who haven't yet won a major, like myself. But I'm not sure if it changes anything for me. I continue to focus on what I can do and hopefully give myself a chance on Sunday." The gamblers are talking about Kiawah, and they are certain that it will favor the long hitters like Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy. That would seem to be a safe bet, but these long tee shots have also to be straight, if not they will be in trouble, so a more consistent player could easily make an impact. It would be great for Luke ti finally win a Major, and get everybody off his back.