Stephen Meeker, Olympic's general chairman June 18 2012

File:Olympic club.jpg   Stephan Meeker, Olympic Club's general chairman states that the USGA had no say in the set up and changes to the course for the 2012 U.S. Open; " A lot of people think that the USGA asked us to make a lot of these changes to the course and in order to get another U.S. Open, but that’s totally untrue. They never even suggested that we do one thing. We decided to replace the greens. Well, if we’re ever going to make any other changes, now is the time to do it because we’re building the greens. The reason we changed eight is because the old eighth hole was a wonderful hole for many, many years, but most of the trees and all the defenses around that hole we lost. And it really became the weakest hole on the property, by far." Then he admits that USGA executive director Mike Davis asked them to put in a bunker on hole 17; " There’s the USGA executive director Mike Davis bunker on 17 that he asked us to put in that actually most of our members since we have seen it sort of think it’s kind of cool and maybe we’ll keep it. We don’t know yet. We’re going to have to see how it goes when the members start playing it for two or three months. " So, what do you believe ?