Arnold Palmer and 1966 US Open at Olympic June 12 2012

143275517.jpg The Legendary Arnold Palmer Getty Images Arnold Palmer spoke about his loss in the 1966 U.S. Open at Olympic to Billy Casper, this after he enjoyed a seven shot lead. and looked certain to win. Arnold was speaking at the annual dinner by sponsor Rolex at the St. Francis Yacht Club near the Golden Gate Bridge, and told everyone of the moment when Billy, sometime early in the round, had crossed the fairway to talk to him; "Arnold, if I don't start playing a little better, Nicklaus is going to beat me for second." Arnold replied with; " Don't worry,'I'll help you.'" The history books tell us just how much help Arnold gave to Billy Casper, Billy went on to win the tournament. Arnold then went on to encourage the younger players to interact with those around them who make the game possible. " Spend time with volunteers and find out what they do, and to make friends with them." Of that agonizing loss Arnold simply said; "It was not the end of my life, it may have been the beginning. I probably made more friends losing the Open than I would have winning. Don't feel sorry for me, It wasn't that bad."