Kevin Na, did the fans Take it too far ? May 15 2012

Everyone agree's Kevin Na has some problems, plays too slow. Compared to the average club golfer all the pro's play too slow, at my club anything over four hours is frowned upon. They do not apply that logic to the professionals, even Tiger Woods struggled around our track, Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club. He was even quoted as saying he would never play there again, a sad comment from a man who was paid a large sum of money just to turn up. The club itself  did not benefit financially from his appearance, the debt that club still carries dates back to Tigers appearance. Getting back to the heckling Kevin Na experienced on Sunday at The Players, no it should not have happened, but it has happened in the past and no one said anything against it at the time. In fact the media said it was all his own fault, because he did not interact correctly with the crowd. I am referring to the nasty heckling Colin Montgomerie suffered at the hands of the American crowds, no one then said it was distasteful. I think that taunting Colin with shouts of Mrs Doubtfire, was even more cruel than the crowd singing to Kevin Na. The only difference between these two samples is one of the recipients was European and the other American. Apparently we should all feel sympathy for the American, but the foreigner is fair game. So in answer to the title, no I don't believe the fans took it too far, I was only surprised that during Tiger's highly publicized indiscretions, the gallery did not start singing, Tiger, Tiger burning bright, who you taking to bed tonight.