Luke Donald @ RBC Heritage April 12 2012

World number one Luke Donald is at the Heritage course practicing for this weeks tournament. He spoke about his disappointment of his sad attempt to win the Masters. " It was a mixture of some uncharacteristic mistakes, a little bit of a slow start. I didn't hit the ball particularly well with my irons the first couple of rounds. I didn't hole as many putts as I would have liked, three or four three putts during the week. Some positives, though I hit a lot of fairways last week, 80 percent of fairways, which is a good stat for me. It was just a slow start due to some poor irons and never being able to really catch up through some good short game." Luke likes the Heritage layout, saying it suits his game, "It's a classic golf course. It's one you have to really manage your game around. You have to think your way around very well. And obviously the greens are the smallest greens we'll play all year. It's going to be tough to hit a lot of greens this week. And because of that you need a good short game. And obviously that's certainly true over the last few years. I love the fact that it's a positional golf course, rather than one that demands length." Luke has come close to winning at Heritage, his thoughts on last year; " It's hard to remember back last year and what I did and what I didn't do. I think with a course like this when the greens are so small and they're reasonably firm right now and quite quick, that there's going to be if you want to score well around here, you're going to have to short game it pretty well, hole some putts, get up and down when you miss greens, and that will be a big key for me to be successful around here." When asked about the difference in green speeds between Augusta and Heritage Luke said that these greens are slower; "Well, they're actually reasonably running quite quick. They're probably a foot slower than Augusta. Augusta's weren't that quick until the weekend, then they quickened up a little bit. Obviously Augusta has some more severe undulations, the greens still have some slopes in them here, but certainly not to the degree of Augusta." But in terms of speed, there's not a huge difference when it comes to a flat part, and because of that it's not too much an adjustment. Reflecting on his win at Transitions this year, and returning to the number one ranking, Luke said; "The win meant a lot to me. Getting back to number one was a result of that. I think obviously when Rory went to number one, I think a lot of people thought that was going to be it for a while. But obviously I feel like I've got a lot of good golf in me. And I feel like I'm just getting into the kind of peak in my career. The last couple of years I've really started to figure out how to win on the U.S. Tour and in Europe, as well. Yeah, it was nice to win, and obviously the bonus is getting back to number one."