Ian Poulter's, IJP Design Company has limited-edition Masters putter covers April 04 2012

IJP Putter Cover.jpg Ian Poulters IJP Design company has issued limited edition Masters putter covers, for $70.  The cover for the Masters is called "The First Major" the first in a series of four, one for each Major this year. The 1st class putter covers feature postal graphics to tie in with a nickname that Poulter recently acquired, "The Postman" and can be purchased at  ijpdesign.com . Also included with the putter cover is a tote bag, which is shown in the picture above. Ian intends to wear a special outfit for each round of the Masters, positive thinking there. His chosen apparel, and others players outfits are available to be  shown in this GolfDigest.com slideshow. Enjoy the slideshow you followers of golfing fashion. A great idea Ian, but unfortunately the cover is the wrong shape for our putter.

Ian Poulter - The Masters - Preview Day 3Jamie Squire/Getty Images