Arnold Palmer Hospitalized, after his Invitational Tournament March 26 2012

Arnold Palmer was hospitalized after the MasterCard presented Arnold Palmer Invitational tournament contested at the Bay Hill Club and Lodge, in Orlando Florida. DAVID CANNON / GETTY IMAGES Arnold was hospitalized Sunday afternoon because of high blood pressure from a new medication. He unfortunately missed the trophy presentation at his tournament when Tiger Woods won for the first time in 30 months on the PGA Tour. Alaistair Johnston, vice chairman at IMG and Palmer's longtime business manager explained that Arnold had been advised to monitor his blood pressure throughout the day because of some issues with the new  medicine he was taking. During one last test about 15 minutes before the tournament showed an increase in Arnold's blood pressure, Mr Johnston said; "Nobody is overly concerned about the prognosis. It wasn't anything to do with any ailments or any discomfort he felt. The blood pressure was at a level where the doctor involved suggested that he go immediately to get more intensive evaluation at the hospital." Tiger Woods was upset that "The King" was not available to award him the trophy, he tweeted later; "Get well soon, Arnie," A sentiment felt by everyone, everywhere. Second placed Graeme McDowell said; "I was surprised to see him not around, and when we just heard the news on the side that he had been taken to the hospital, of course we were very upset and certainly praying that everything is going to be OK. That really puts a little bit of a damper on the spirits on 18th green when Tiger is going to pick up his trophy." Arnold's grandson Sam Saunders tweeted later; "For all concerned my granddad is doing fine and will be good to go tomorrow. Thank you for all of your nice comments and concern."