Arnold Palmer @ Mastercard Extend Their Contract March 21 2012

 Chris McWilton,  the president of  U.S. markets for MasterCard have announced their support of Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill with an extension of their sponsorship of this great tournament for another four years through 2016. Arnold was very happy with this announcement;     " Of course I'm very happy to have the extension by MasterCard and it puts a lot of things to rest for the next few years. We will continue to work to make this tournament the best tournament on the TOUR. And I mean that. With the hospital and the things that are happening there, I can't tell you how pleased I am to be able to say the things that the neonatal intensive care unit, the expansion of that, and the things that will happen in the next couple of years there, is something that is very, very important to us. And of course, the hospital itself with all of the various units, whether it be heart, kidneys, you name it, we are striving to be the best. And that is also very important to me. The tournament itself, this year is something that is really going to make, I think, history in the game of golf. The golf course itself is by far the best it's been any time in the 34 years that we've had this tournament. And I think the players realize that we are working hard to make this golf tournament one that will get everyone's eye and attention. And through the years, we will continue to do the things that we are doing to make the golf course better, and to make the players come here and enjoy this competition." "This is wonderful. It just continues with something that has been very, very good. The hospital is thriving. And of course the new neonatal intensive care unit with the addition is very important to all of us. And as you know, the Arnold Palmer hospital and Winnie Palmer Hospital and the Medical Center turns no one away." "So all of that is one of the great things that's happening out of this tournament, and something that makes us all very happy. And to have  Chris, to make this announcement is also kind of a landmark and something that we are all very pleased and proud about. So with the announcement of the four more with MasterCard and our sponsors, I am most appreciative of all the things that are happening." "Thank you very much." Arnold was then asked about his views on belly, and broomstick putters, he gave an interesting reply; " Well, you're opening up a big subject there. Of course, I don't think there's ever been a club made that I know of that has not been in my bag. (Laughter) May not stay long, and the long putter is one of them. I'm not a fan of long putters. I suppose that if I were playing, and a long putter, being totally legal, and would help my game, I might use it. But I'm opposed to it personally. I just think that there shouldn't be a place in the game for anchoring a club against the body, which is what the long putter does. So, technically, and principally, I am against it. But would I use it if it were going to enhance my game in the competition? I might." Interesting comments, I will be sending one of our White Dragon Putters to Arnold for his collection, would also be nice to get some comments from him on its performance. Talking about putting practice Arnold said the best advice given to him was; "Man, you're the greatest putter in the world. Well, that was probably what I needed, somebody to give me confidence in the fact that I could putt."