Tiger & Steve - The A Team March 13 2012

                                 businessinsider.com   There is no doubt that Tiger Woods is a great golfer, he will win many more tournaments assuming the injury list does not increase. Steve Williams won many tournaments as a caddy to Tiger, and only one title since. The reason that they won so many tournaments, including majors is that they were a great team. There was some magic in their relationship, you can see that in the way they would celebrate together with every putt that dropped, or chip fly in the hole. Something special always seemed to happen just when they needed it, they encouraged one another, they were the A team. I personally don't think Tiger will now beat Jack's major record, he may win another major, but there does not seem to be the same desire there anymore, and every injury lessens that desire, dampens the fire that used to burn within him. The loss of that spark, Steve Williams, is the deciding factor. Tiger Woods is a great golfer, but Steve Williams was a significant part of that team, and they will now never team up again. I guess no one will ever know why the split happened, who was the driving force in making that destructive decision, but I am pretty certain it was not initiated by Tiger Woods. He will win another major, but not enough to beat Jack.