Jarrod Lyle, Leukemia Returns March 10 2012

 CHRISTIAN PETERSEN/GETTY IMAGE Professional golfer Jarrod Lyle suffered a recurrence of leukemia upon returning home to Australia to prepare for the birth of his first child. Jarrod was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia at age 17. He recovered, and went on to earn his PGA Tour card. He thought the chemotherapy from his teen years would make him infertile, so  was absolutely thrilled to learn his wife, Briony, was pregnant. Robert Allenby, who supports a cancer program that once had Lyle as a patient, said he received word Thursday morning that Lyle was going to start chemotherapy as soon as his wife gave birth, saying that; "If he starts chemo now, he won't be able to touch the baby or watch the birth. They're inducing her today, and she has the baby, he goes straight into treatments. It's just devastating. He just got his whole life where he wants. He's married, he has a new baby coming, he's playing great golf. And now this. It's the same cancer that's come back, the same leukemia." A saddened Robert Allenby, has been exchanging text messages with Jarrod throughout the day. Jarrod's manager, Tony Bouffler said on Friday that Jarrod was in good spirits and elated about the birth of his child, which was expected by Saturday, adding that Lyle would begin chemotherapy treatments on Monday in Melbourne. "He's of good country stock and he's pretty resilient," Bouffler said, I wish Jarrod all the best for the future, may God Bless you and keep you.