Paraparaumu Beach Golf Course, NZ, Pairs Competition February 22 2012

    Pete Robbins (that's me) and Steve Griffin (my partner) won the pairs tournament at Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club, today. It was a combined competition where both scores counted on each hole, in a matchplay situation. My new White Dragon Putter worked very well. We won 3 and 2 on the par three 16th, which just happens to be one of the worlds hardest short par three's. My recommendation to you all is, come and try it, it's a 119 meter heartbreaker. A long and narrow green slopes away from three sides into trouble, short and right rolls back into a hazard, on the green one minute, and the next your nearly dead. Left of the green is long thick rough on a hill, miss right and your are now ten feet below the green, and if you are too long you are now twenty feet below the green. No doubt about it, you are either on the green or in trouble. Sorry there are no pictures at this time of our presentation, but stand by and I will see if I can rustle some up. Does not look too bad, does it, in this picture. If you want to come here, let me know, I have spare bedrooms and can get you a good deal on the course.