PGA Tour going to a virtual year-round schedule ? February 01 2012

The PGA Tours proposal of a virtual year round tour schedule will surely lead to saturation point for the game of golf. Will the major advertisers sign up for all the proposed tournaments, or will they pick and chose only the major events to support. Will the television viewing public want to watch golf all year round, non stop ? As soon as one virtual year ends another begins, people will eventually begin to switch off from watching golf. What about the players, do they really want to be playing year round golf and not taking a break at some point ? If Fed Ex cup points are on offer for all the minor events, if they took some time out for relaxation, by the time they return they could be well adrift of the points leaders. This would definitely change the dynamics of the Fed Ex cup, could someone win the cup without winning one of the major events. Personally I don't see this proposal as a way forward for golf , it is more likely to turn off the paying public rather than attract a whole new audience.