Belfry golf resort 4 Sale- Alert Donald Trump January 18 2012

The Belfry golf resort has been put up for sale, the current owner has not made a very good attempt at realizing the potential of this famous golf course and hotel. Seán Quinn jnr, bought the hotel and golf course for £186 million. The Belfry hotel and golf course near Birmingham, which has hosted the Ryder Cup four times, is now valued at £88 million. The debt on the property is owed to Bank of Ireland, Barclays and Certus.Photograph: courtesy the Belfry Somebody call Donald Trump, he seems to be the man who has the ability and experience to rescue this great venue. I have played there myself quite a few times when I was living in England, it was one of the best courses available for the average golfer. Playing this course enabled me to see exactly what the Ryder Cup guys faced in competition. Definitely not a track for the faint hearted, I loved it, although I did not score too well. Guess I spent too much time just admiring the layout.