Luke Donald, Slow play is killing golf January 11 2012

Luke Donald, the worlds number one player has said in his twitter account that slow play is killing golf. This topic is no stranger to us guys at the other end of the spectrum, it is the number one gripe at our club every week at the mens tournament day. Last week one group on the course had lost two holes on the group in front of them, letting faster groups play through does not seem to be an option. One player remarked, I pay the same subs as you, and I will take as long as I want. Others get very aggressive and hostile if you ask to play through, it is like a stain on their character. The slight against them is already there, everyone knows who they are, but little is done to combat the problem. It seems Luke Donald is of the same opinion, tweeting; It's not that hard, be ready when it's your turn. Slow play is killing our sport. I could rant all day long, don't think anything will ever change as the slow players don't realize they are slow. Slow play was in evidence this week in Hawaii, with Steve Stricker and Jonathan Byrd being put on the clock during the final round of the Hyundai Tournament of Champions. Luke Donald / Getty Images