Are You Ready for Faldo-Miller Time ? December 19 2011

NBC has announced that they are teaming up Nick Faldo and Johnny Miller to share the commentary booth with the  season-opening Jan. 5-9 Hyundai Tournament of Champions. Previously the two have sparred with each other on air, and at the 2002 Ryder Cup, Faldo showed up at NBC for a brief cameo with Miller. After Miller had sarcastically noted that players appreciated his analysis of how they handled pressure, Faldo suggested players would appreciate it if "we could just dangle you out of the window." I just hope that neither of them actually start promoting the Hyundai car on offer for a hole in one, as happened at the Australian Masters last week. You do not expect your golf commentator to start pitching products at you, is this a new approach for gaining sales by sponsors. Whatever happens between Faldo and Miller, it should be interesting. GC president Mike McCarley simply said, "We'll see how it works, what kind of hijinks ensue.…We'll have to check if it's safe to release these two into the wild." McCarley suggests Miller, "like any great analyst, lacks a filter between his brain and mouth so you never know what will come out — but you know it will be interesting."