Luke Donald down under in Melbourne December 14 2011

Fresh from his record breaking season on both European and U.S tours Luke Donald is heading to Australia to play in Melbourne. His plan is to study the sandbelt courses especially the Alister McKenzie designed Royal Melbourne, and close by Victoria. McKenzie designed Augusta National golf course, and Luke who is keen to learn all he can in golf course design wants to check the layout first hand. Earlier this year Luke started a golf project in Vietnam, and he is full of praise for McKenzie. "I'm a big MacKenzie fan. I'd love to get further into golf architecture and I think this is a great place to start looking at some of the best courses in the world and I'm excited to be here," he added. "(Victoria) looks amazing. It's one of the reasons I wanted to come to Australia. I've heard so many good stories about the sandbelt and their famous courses." "I just started my first project in Vietnam this year and it's something I'd like to get into further. Having a bit of an art background I'd love to do that." Donald has received some criticism in certain quaters  for his  hectic golf schedule, but has stated that he does not intend to slow down next season, despite admitting feeling some burnout around the U.S. this year. "Certainly there have been times this year where I have played a lot and I had to really dig deep for a little bit of extra energy to find enough to compete well but I certainly feel like I'm not dragging too much right now," said Donald, whose Australian Masters appearance will be his last tournament for the year. "In 2012, my schedule will be very similar, I'll concentrate on both tours. Obviously, being a Ryder Cup year, I'm excited to try to earn enough world ranking points to get into that. "The only time I felt a little bit over-golfed was around the U.S. Open this year. It was a mixture of maybe playing one event too many around that time and a mixture of going through a little bit of an illness ... But otherwise I think I managed my schedule pretty well."