Golf NZ Open December 03 2011

Aussie Brad Kennedy leads the field after day three of the New Zealand open at Clearwater in Christchurch. Sadly he is the highest ranked player left in the tournament with a world ranking of 144. The organizers need to find a way of attracting some of the worlds top players to N.Z. to give the tournament some kudos and gain worldwide media attention. Good luck to Brad Kennedy I hope he gets his win, it does not look like we can get a Kiwi winner. Brad usually has his best results when chasing the the field, he is not used to leading starting the final round, saying "Most of my good finishes this year were coming from behind," Kennedy said. "I've just got to go out and attack whether I'm four or five ahead or one behind, two behind. If I don't I can let everyone back in." The Hong Kong open is being lead by Spains Alvaro Quiros who had a superb third round, unlike Rory McIlroy who struggled and finds himself three shots behind the leader. Although he fell behind Rory said he could still challenge strongly in the final round. It should be a thrilling finish to the tournament. Rory admitted he was lackluster but issued this statement. "I didn't have anything out there. Mentally I'm not up to it and little things were starting to agitate me," McIlroy said. "But I'm not out of it, still just three shots behind. If I can get off to a decent start, I will be able to put some pressure on the leaders." I have heard an amazing story regarding John Daly and his meltdown in Aussie. Apparently the trouble started when he hit a wrong ball, which went into the lake. A course marshal who standing there let Daly hit the errant ball, before pointing to Johns ball not too far away. The wrong ball had been left there from a wayward shot off the practice fairway earlier. The question is, why did the marshal not guide John to the correct ball.