Golf Tourism in Kenya December 02 2011

I have just read a report about expanding golf tourism in Kenya, my question is, why would you want to go there. Kenya has one of the worst crime rates in the world. Kenya is gaining prominence as a golftourism destination.   (Reuters) - Kenya recorded the highest level of economic crime among 78 countries in the past year, with the theft of assets and money in businesses and government agencies on the rise, a report by consultancy PwC showed on Wednesday. Kenya has a reputation for being one of the most corrupt countries in east Africa, and its judiciary is notorious for slow delivery of justice and rampant bribery. So tell me why would you consider putting yourselves at risk, there are plenty of golf courses around the world where you can play in a safe environment. If you would like a recommendation, travel to New Zealand and test your golfing skills at Paraparaumu Beach Golf Course. The challenge is good and the people are welcoming. You will be able to enjoy your golf and vacation without fear.