Golf N.Z. Open December 02 2011

A sad and dejected Michael Campbell tamely limped out of the New Zealand Open yesterday. In this form it is hard to see him seriously competing in any tournament, I cant see that the new coach has made any improvements to his game. i know my form goes up and down like a yo-yo but a professional should be a little more consistent. The brightest light on the course was Aussie Aaron Cox who was dressed in bright green plus fours. A tribute he said was for 100 years of PGA Australia, so he was attired in the style of the old days. He mentioned names like Hogan, Jones and Hagen. He could also have mentioned Payne Stewart who was always immaculately dress on the course in his plus fours and white cap and played the game with a great big smile on his face. “It's the PGA's centenary year, that's 100 years of Australian golf, so I thought I’d dress in the tradition of Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen.” Read more: Craig Parry struggled around the course but managed to birdie the last three holes to tie the lead. Craig is a former winner of this event a statistic that he believes could help him to win the title again The only advantage I've got over the other guys is I have already won a New Zealand Open so the pressure is on them versus me,"